How to Use the Wellie Report to Educate Your Customers

Ellie Diagnostics offers clients an industry-leading tool that demonstrates a pet's wellbeing based on advanced lab results.

Ellie-Diagnostics-Wellie-Report-Laboratory-PetStandard lab results can be overwhelming for pet owners to understand. Veterinarians often take additional time answering questions from customers about the overall health of their pets. To help save more time throughout the day, we’ve introduced the Wellie Report – designed with pet owners in mind. It provides a concise, easy-to-read overview of a pet’s Wellie Profile. Used to compliment the advice veterinarians give, this innovative tool demonstrates proof of a pet’s wellbeing based on advanced lab results.

Discuss the Wellie Score

Pet owners love to receive a snapshot of their pets’ overall health. Give them an easy-to-understand Wellie Report that includes a Wellie Score. This score is based on an advanced algorithm from Ellie’s lab results and provides customers a single health score that’s easy to read, along with some advice on next steps. Veterinarians can email customers this Wellie Report, thereby saving time on the phone.

Review Body System Scorecard

The body system scorecard gives pet owners a comprehensive look into the bodily structure of the animal. Based on the health of the pet and the Wellie Score, the scorecard gives suggestions in the specific areas of the body that might need a little extra attention. Veterinarians can discuss any issues that might needWellie Report Ellie Diagnostics Web to be addressed as well as any follow-up consultations or procedures. Pet owners tend to love preventative care!

Make it Fun

Just like a school report card, pet owners will love to reward their pets for getting “good grades” on their Wellie Report. Veterinarians can email the customer the Wellie Report before a phone call to discuss the lab results. Make it fun and congratulate pet owners for taking really good care of their pets, and for receiving a high Wellie Score!

Suggest Annual Bloodwork

After pet owners receive the Wellie Report, it’s a great time to discuss annual wellness bloodwork for prevention. Our Wellie Profiles make it easy for annual wellness bloodwork to become an industry standard, and to help increase compliance by 20%. "We implemented the Wellie Profiles into our laboratory protocols three months ago, since then we have seen our lab revenue climb 36.8%,” said Dr. Jones of Northside Animal Clinic.


At Ellie Diagnostics, we believe wellness bloodwork should be standard and attainable for every pet, every year. Our affordable, high-quality wellness profiles help pets live longer, healthier lives, and drives additional revenue for veterinarians.

The Wellie Report makes lab results easy and fun to read by the pet owner while providing concise information about the health of the pet. When distributing the Wellie Report, highlight the importance of annual bloodwork to catch early signs of possible underlying diseases. Your customers will appreciate this unique, thoughtful touch after each appointment!

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