Ellie Annual Wellness

Industry-leading report to help customer engagement

    Make annual wellness bloodwork an industry standard and increase your compliance by 20%


    Fall in love with Ellie Wellness 

    • Lightning-fast turnaround time on Basic and Advanced Wellie Profiles
    • Customer engaging Wellie Report with pet score
    • Complimentary Wellie Profile samples for employees
    • Increase lab revenue by more than 40%

    The Wellie Report

    Our Wellie Report is designed with your clients in mind. It provides a concise, easy-to-read overview of the pet’s Wellie Profile. Used to compliment the advice veterinarians give, clinics across the country value the innovative tool that demonstrates the pet’s wellbeing based on their lab results. Your clients will appreciate this unique, thoughtful touch after each appointment!

    A Pet's Report Card

    Pet owners want a snapshot of their pet's overall health, which in turn increases annual lab revenue. Our industry-leading Wellie Report is designed so veterinarians can email customers their lab results they will understand, thereby saving time on the phone answering questions. 

    The Wellie score and the body system breakdown make it efficient for the doctor to discuss any issues that might need to be addressed as well as any follow-up. Customers love this preventative care!

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    "We implemented the Wellie Profiles into our laboratory protocols 3 months ago, since then we have seen our lab revenue climb 36.8%. Once the results are received, the doctor reviews, calls the client and simply emails the Wellie Profile page with the Wellie Score. Our customers have commented that they can’t wait to tell their pets that they got an “A” on their report card. The score and the body system breakdown both make it very easy and efficient for the doctor to discuss any issues that might need to be addressed as well as any follow-up. This service has been an excellent complement to our clinic and we plan to expand the Wellie Profiles that we offer in the future."