Sample Preparation Tips for Summer!

How to prepare and package your veterinary specimen samples to ensure the best diagnostics results during the dog days of summer.

Summer is officially here, which means specimen preparation and packaging is essential to ensure your samples arrive in perfect condition – specifically for those veterinary clinics who use UPS and FedEx. 

Here are best practices for specimen handling during the dog days of summer.

  • Keep ice packs frozen until the last minute.
  • Put specimens in the white foam mailer.
  • Include one ice pack in the white foam mailer with the specimens. Add a second ice pack outside of the mailer.
  • Always pour serum into an additive-free tube. 
  • Avoid morning package pickups or drop offs when possible.

As the weather heats up this summer, don't forget these important tips for securing the best possible results for your diagnostics services. 

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