Specialty Hospital Solutions

The benefits of an in-clinic laboratory

    Upgrade your high volume specialty hospital with innovative solutions.


    In-Hospital Lab

    • Strengthen relationships with nearby clinics who use Ellie's lab in your facility to drive additional referrals
    • Repurpose staff time from running labs to helping patients
    • Eliminate cost of in-clinic lab supplies
    • Provide your specialists reference quality results instantly
    • Order tests & receive results directly through your PMS
    • Generate rental revenue for your business

    Specialty Test Triage

    • One convenient requisition for all of your specialty test orders from any lab in the country
    • Daily report with real-time status of your samples at every specialty lab
    • Order and view results from any specialty lab directly through their PMS with Ellie’s software integrations
    • One point of contact for all lab questions
    • Eliminate shipping expenses and hassle of shipping delays
    Discover if your hospital is a candidate for an in-clinic lab, or if you could benefit from our Specialty Test Triage services.

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